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How to make a transparent cut-out

Learn how to create transparent images in Photo Studio that are ready to use in all your photomontages. This is handy for any images you regularly add to pictures, including logos and watermarks.


How to cut-out your photo

Step 1 – Open an image

Open any photo in Photo Studio, for example choose an image from Samples on the home screen. Then click the Photomontage tab in the right-hand panel.

Photomontage tab


Step 2 – Cut out your foreground image(s)

In the “My Cut-out images” section of the Photomontage tab, click “Cut out AI”. Then select the image that you want to cut out from.

Cut-out options close-up

The image opens in a new window and Photo Studio removes the background automatically.

AI cut-out result

Tip: if the cut-out isn’t perfect first time, activate “Fine-tune Selection” to improve it.

  • Remove areas of the background by highlighting them with the red “Background to erase” marker.
  • If any areas are removed by accident, highlight them with the green “Subject to keep” marker to bring them back.

Fine-tuning the cut-out

  • Once you’re happy with your image cut-out, click “Save and add to the library”.

Save your cut-out object

Back in the main Photo Studio workspace, you’ll notice that your new cut-out is now available in the “My cut-out images” section of the Photomontage tab. It will stay here unless you delete it.

Photo Studio also saves a copy of your cut-out with transparent background to the original folder on your computer.

My cut-out images section


Repeat this process as many times as you like to build up a library of cut-outs to use in your photomontages.


How to add your transparent cut-outs to a new background

To add one of your cut-outs to a background, simply open the background image in Photo Studio and navigate to the Photomontage tab.

Then choose one of your cut-outs from the library and drag and drop it onto the workspace. You can also click “Add” and upload your cut-outs from a folder on your computer.

Adding a cut-out to the new background

  • Use the image handles to arrange the cut-outs against the background.
  • Adjust opacity to help the objects blend into the photo.

Remember that your cut-outs are now saved in the “My cut-out images” section, ready to use in your next photomontage.

The below video shows the entire process from cut-out to photomontage. For more information about combining photos with a new background check out this post


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