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Photo Editing Software

Photo Studio 11 by inPixio Photo Software

inPixio Photo Studio 11 – Photo Cutout, Background Eraser and more!

In today’s post we give you an inside look at our popular Photo Studio 11 software.

inPixio Photo Studio 11 makes editing photos easy, from correcting details to creating a totally new image.

Change Image Background

inPixio fans use Photo Studio to:

  • Remove photo backgrounds and make photo cutouts
  • Combine two or more images to create a photomontage
  • Erase distracting items in a photo
  • Enhance and correct photos

Thanks to the simple editing tools, you can create beautiful pictures much easier and faster than with other photo software.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the features.

Easily remove a photo background

Removing the background from an image is a great way to get rid of distractions and give your photo an entirely new look.

Remove backgrounds

The background eraser in Photo Studio lets you remove all or part of a photo background, to create an accurate photo cutout, which you can then paste onto a new background.

The background eraser is easy to use. All you have to do is highlight the areas of the photo that you want to remove, and the smart algorithm in Photo Studio does the rest. This simple photo cutout tool saves time compared to more complex programs and is more precise than a free background remover.

Once you have removed your background you can have fun selecting a new one. Photo Studio provides a large choice of original content so that whatever scene or atmosphere you want to create, there will be a background for you! What’s more, you can easily upload your own images to use as backgrounds.


Combine photos and get creative with graphics

This is where the fun really starts! In Photo Studio, you can take different images and photo cutouts and put them together in one picture to create an impressive photomontage.

Photo-montage Tool

Combining different photos in a montage gives you limitless possibilities for creating brand new pictures out of old ones. And why stop at photos? You can add all kinds of content to your montages, from stickers to text and clip art.

Here are just a few ideas for what you can do with Photo Studio:

  • Create a new family portrait by combining photo cutouts of family members
  • Do some time travel by inserting yourself into an old photo
  • Make a funny montage to share on social media, using photos of pets, celebrities or whatever you like
  • Put yourself in someone else’s shoes – literally – by doing a face or body swap
  • Create a personalized greetings card by adding stickers and text to a photo

Erase unwanted “stuff” from an image

How many times did you take the perfect shot only to find that something or someone was in the way?

Common items “hijacking” photos include cables, signposts, birds, cranes and traffic signals, as well as fellow tourists of course!

Using the background eraser to remove and replace your background is one way to fix this kind of photo. But did you know that Photo Studio also provides Erase and Clone tools for removing specific items in a photo, while preserving the rest of the scene?

Background eraser

Just like the background eraser, the Erase tool is easy to use, simply highlight the item to remove and click Erase. Photo Studio automatically analyzes and fills in the background to leave a seamless image.

The Erase and Clone tools are super-versatile and handy for editing many kinds of photos. For example, you can use them to:

  • Touch up portraits to remove wrinkles and blemishes,
  • Restore old photographs by erasing signs of damage and other imperfections
  • Change the position of something in your photo


Photo Studio Pro

For even more editing possibilities, users can upgrade to the Pro version of Photo Studio. Photo Studio Pro includes a whole additional module for enhancing and correcting your photos. From filters to LUTs and creative blur, you can have fun adding a range of artistic effects to your photos.

Photo Effects

Try Photo Studio today

Why not try the background eraser and other amazing tools in Photo Studio yourself?  Our free trial gives you 5 days access to all the features free of charge.

Try Photo Studio 11 free today


Mac Users

A version of Photo Studio is also available for Mac; visit our dedicated page for more information.