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Photo Editing Software

The best photo editing software for pc: free download apps for Windows

A lot of photo editing is done on mobile phones these days. Still there’s nothing like having a full PC photo editor to retouch on a big screen.  Simple software solutions can help with the task of fixing imperfections, poor lighting, scale, size, brightness & contrast issues.

Before and after applying a preset

Adding an image filter is just one way to edit your photos on Windows PC


Whether it’s touching up Instagram pictures or adding filters, almost everyone has use for free photo editing software on their Windows PC.

In this article, we share some of the best photo editing software for pc free download options available and see how they stack up to inPixio’s free photo editing software.


Best free photo editing apps for PC – top 5

If you’re not ready to invest in a paid app just yet, why not try some free photo editing software for PC? Here are 5 free Windows photo editors to help you get started with your image editing.

  • GIMP
  • Free photo editor by inPixio
  • Photoscape X
  • Paint Net
  • Windows Photos

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Interface of GIMP free download photo editor

GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program. It is an open source photo editor available for Windows PC . GIMP has been described as the best free photo editor like Photoshop, due to its extensive selection of advanced photo editing tools. Top features include:

  • Customizable interface
  • Range of corrections including perspective
  • Create photo composites
  • Non destructive editing with layers/masks
  • Suite of painting tools
  • Tile-based memory to handle large images
  • Supports plug-ins for new formats, filters etc.

GIMP is available to download for PC, Mac and Linux. On PC, you can install it on Windows 7 or later (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

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Paint .Net

Paint Net photo editor interface

Paint Net started out as a student project supported by Microsoft. The story goes that it was originally intended as a free replacement to Microsoft Paint.

However, today Paint Net has evolved into a full-featured photo editor with a range of professional tools.

Top functions include:

  • Non destructive editing with layers
  • Color adjustments
  • Range of effects
  • Photo compositing
  • Support for multiple image formats:
  • Supports plugins for new effects, shapes, file types

You can download the software for free for Windows 7 SP1, 8 and 10 (full requirements here). Alternatively, you can also purchase it for $6.99 from the Microsoft Store (Windows 10 only). Purchasing the software gives you access to automatic updates.

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Photoscape X

Screenshot showing Photoscape editing tools

Photoscape X is a free download for Windows 10 offering a range of photo editing tools.

In addition to image editing functions, the software also provides screen capture capability.

Here is just a selection of the features:


  • Retouch photos and edit colors
  • Create collages and cut photos into pieces
  • Batch processing to edit multiple photos at once
  • Create GIFs
  • Convert Raw files to JPG

You can download Photoscape X from their website. The app is also available from the Microsoft Store where you can also purchase a paid Pro version of the software.

Photoscape X works on Windows 10, 64-bit (Version 1709 or later). For Windows XP, 7, Vista or 8 another version of the software is available, Photoscape 3.7.

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InPixio Free Editor

Interface of inPixio's free photo editor download app

This free photo editor is derived from inPixio’s flagship Photo Studio software. The free app doesn’t contain all the advanced features available in the paid program. However, it offers some easy-to-use tools that can help you get started with image editing.

Here are some examples:

  • One-click filter presets and effects, including vignettes and frames
  • Color adjustment with tone curves
  • Adjustment sliders for brightness, contrast, hue etc.
  • Raw file support
  • Image management tools, such as metadata editing
  • Share to social media

The free editor is available exclusively for Windows PC download. It runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit versions). Find out more about the image editing tools available in inPixio’s free photo editing software.

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Windows Photos

Windows Photos Interface

Finally, did you know that Windows 10 users have a free photo editing app at their fingertips?

This is called Windows Photos and it provides a selection of basic editing tools.

For example, you can:


  • Crop pictures
  • Test different image filters
  • Do some light and color adjustments
  • Try adding effects to a photo.

These tools could help you out with some basic photo editing on your Windows 10 PC.

Comparing free download photo editors

As we see above the InPixio Free Photo editor stands out in certain areas but most noticeably when it comes to the ease of use and straight forward modern interface.

Puppy with vignette effect shown in inPixio editor interface


  • +80 original frames: Use classic frames, design frames, colored or fun frames to create unique pieces of art!
  • +100 filters & effects: themes likes vintage, black & white, seasons, old film, cinematic, and much more!
  • +40 textures
  • Tone Curve – used to brighten or darken tones in your image.
  • Vignetting – create professional looking photos with oval frames.
  • Crop, resize, or adjust the focus of your photos then add frames, texture overlays, and more.
  • Software contains numerous slider adjustments such as contrast, brightness, saturation, etc.
  • Above all, the program is easy to get to grips with, even for photo editing beginners.


inPixio free photo editor demonstration

Beautiful Frames

inPixio Photo Editor allows you to add unique picture frames to your photos to help accentuate certain aspects. What’s more, you can adjust these frames to fit your photos by editing the size and color.

Picture with a frame added in inPixio's photo editor


Custom Filters

Watch how easily one can transform an ordinary looking photo in something special with the built-in filter effects. Similarly, see how filters are applied with a single click in the below video.


Access advanced editing features on your Windows PC with inPixio Photo Studio


Landscape photo before and after inPixio Sky Replacement


inPixio’s free photo editor  makes creating professional looking photos fun and easy for even first time users.  In no time at all you will be ready to upgrade to inPixio Photo Studio Pro which offers a wide array of additional features, allowing you to create even more professional photos that will impress even the seasoned photographers among your family and friends.



Instructions are clear and simple to understand. Once download is complete, you are ready to begin transforming all your precious photos into works of art.

  • Set and save personal pre-sets that can be accessed with a single click for new projects.
  • Batch mode allows users to make changes to several photos simultaneously.
  • Remove objects and distractions from photos, using the Erase and Clone tools.
  • Remove and change photo backgrounds.
  • Use inPixio sky replacement to change the mood in your photos.
  • Easy corrections for noise, haze, perspective, and red-eye.
  • Easy background blur and creative blur effects.
  • Add professional LUT styles to give your photos a cinematic effect.