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Say goodbye to dull skies with Photo Studio 11

Sky replacement is one of several exciting new features in the latest version of Photo Studio. With faster and more precise tools, inPixio is making photo editing easier than ever.

Landscape photo before and after inPixio Sky Replacement

inPixio has launched version 11 of its Photo Studio editing application for Windows. The new version includes easy sky replacement that can instantly boost a photo. It also features major upgrades to the popular photomontage and erase tools. What’s more, it’s easier than ever to use!

New! Instantly transform your photos with sky replacement

The new sky replacement feature makes it possible to switch the sky in a photo. You can use this to replace a grey, overcast sky with a sunny blue one. Or you can add drama to your pictures with a stunning sunset, for example.

Image of mountains before and after inPixio sky replacement

The sky replacer doesn’t simply cut and paste the sky, it automatically adjusts the entire photo to fit the new atmosphere.

Erase unwanted objects in your photos

Edit distractions out of your photos with the easy tools in Photo Studio. It can be as simple as selecting the element you want to delete and clicking “Erase”. Photo Studio’s smart algorithm fills in the background for a seamless finish.

Image before and after erasing a bird

For tricker photos, the Clone and Correction Patch tools can help you finish the job. The result: a flawless photo with no visible signs of editing.

New in Version 11:

  • Erasing is up to 7x faster thanks to an improved algorithm.

Remove, replace and blur backgrounds

The options are endless for customizing your background in Photo Studio. You can remove it altogether or replace it with a new image. There are lots of background images to choose from and you can even import your own.

Portrait image before and after background removal

New in version 11:

  • Cutting out your subject is now more accurate thanks to edge enhancement. This new tool helps deal with tricky edges, such as hair, for a more precise result.
  • Instead of removing your background you can blur it to put the focus on your subject and create beautiful portraits.

Portrait image before and after blurring background

Create original photomontages

Photo Studio is not just about backgrounds! You can also add new foreground images to your pictures to create an original montage.

Most fun of all, you can cut out parts of other photos and add them to your new background. Finally, customize your photomontage with text, stickers, frames or filters and get creative with your designs.

Image showing 3 steps to making a photomontage: original photo, background removal and addition of new background, stickers and text

New in Version 11:

  • The photomontage tools are now all in one place. You can start with any background image, and directly add new cutout images. You can also copy and paste items from one background to another.
  • Photomontage content has been updated with a range of new stickers and images to choose from.

Enhance your photos in one click

Photo Studio includes a wide range of correction tools for retouching your photos. One-click correction automatically improves the colors and light in your photos with a single button.

Image of landscape before and after inPixio one-click correction

Simple, easy-to-learn editing tools

At inPixio, we believe that photo editing can be both simple and fun. You have access to a full user guide in addition to video tutorials to help you get started quickly with your editing.

Image representing the different help options in Photo Studio

List of main features (Pro version)

  • Replace and Remove backgrounds
  • Change the sky
  • Combine different features in a photomontage
  • Erase distracting objects
  • Clone and duplicate objects
  • Auto-correct images
  • Add effects, filters, LUT styles, frames and textures
  • Correct haze, noise, red-eye and photo perspective
  • Do selective editing of colors
  • Supports Raw image formats